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The situation of COVID-19 in Albania, 22 new cases and no loss of life in the last 24 hours

The situation of COVID-19 in Albania, 22 new cases and no loss of life in the

The Ministry of Health has reported 22 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours and fortunately there has been no loss of life.

In the announcement from the Ministry of Health, it is reported that 290 tests were performed in the last 24 hours and 6 citizens were cured. In the meantime, citizens are urged to get vaccinated, as in this way the possibility of infection is reduced and hospitalizations and fatalities are avoided to a high degree.


COVID19/ Ministry of Health: 290 tests, there are 22 infected citizens, no loss of life and 6 recovered in the last 24 hours

March 25, 2023 - The Ministry of Health and Social Protection calls on citizens not to neglect the anticovid vaccination and the flu vaccination, to strengthen protection against viruses during the winter season.

Anticovid and flu vaccination is carried out in health centers throughout the country. Vaccines reduce the chance of infection and largely avoid hospitalizations and fatalities.

We inform you about the situation of Covid19 in the last 24 hours: 290 tests have been carried out, of which 22 citizens have tested positive for COVID19:

13 in Tirana, 4 in Vlora, 2 in Lushnje, from 1 citizen in Shkodër, Kurbin, Kamëz.

There are 163 active citizens with Covid19 throughout the country.

Currently, 6 patients are receiving treatment at the Infectious Disease Hospital. In the last 24 hours there has been no loss of life with SarsCov2.

6 citizens have recovered during the last 24 hours, bringing the number of recoveries to 330,035 since the beginning of the epidemic.

Statistics (March 25, 2023)

New daily cases 22
Recovered in 24 hours 6
Hospitalized 6
Loss of life in 24 hours 0
Daily testing 290

Total Testing 2,047,223
Positive Cases 333,799
Recovered Cases 330,035
Active Cases 163
Loss of Life 3,601

Geographical distribution of active cases by counties:

Tirana 140
Fier 8
Vlora 8
Berat. 3
Durres. 2
Shkodër. 2

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