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SPAK hits crime/ Karamuço: Groups can fight back

SPAK hits crime/ Karamuço: Groups can fight back

Criminalistics expert, Ervin Karamuço, said that after SPAK's action, the concern that criminal groups may react has increased.

According to him, exponents of criminal groups will try to destroy the evidence and their activity may harm public order and safety. But with all this concern, Karamuço adds that justice and the state at this stage are stronger than crime.

"There will be a reaction. There will be an investigation that will follow. There will be several phases and the SPAK will deepen towards these 50 people. They will try to eliminate their traces, since the apartment, the house, witnesses, servers and all these are countermeasures that they can take, and that can violate public order and security, but the state has an advantage and a great superiority . We had not seen it before," he said as a guest on Real Story.

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