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SPAK launches a second investigation into former chief prosecutor Adriatik Llalla

SPAK launches a second investigation into former chief prosecutor Adriatik

A second file has been reopened in the Special Prosecutor's Office against former Chief Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla.

The investigations are focused on the criminal offense of "Abuse of duty", during the period when Llalla held the position of General Prosecutor.

The object of this investigation are several decision-making cases of the former chief prosecutor Llalla in the dismissal of Judicial Police Officers and the transfer of some prosecutors in violation of the law.

The information provided by " Ora News " shows a clear picture that SPAK has received strong indications from a judicial police officer in Gjirokastër, leading to the initiation of investigations against the former chief who led the General Prosecutor's Office for 5 years in a row .

This officer has claimed in the report that he was immediately dismissed by the former General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla, just for a comment made on the "Facebook" profile, where he criticized the work of the former Minister of the Interior at that time, Saimir Tahiri, in the unjust fight against drug disposal.

By order of Llalla, the officer claims that he was dismissed immediately, being excluded from the Gjirokastra prosecutor's office, without following a legal procedure as required by the law of the time.

The officer appealed the dismissal decision to the court, gaining the right to return to work and financial compensation. In the report, the officer has attached the decision of the Tirana court, which returned him to work by canceling the dismissal order of Adriatik Llalla.

But within the framework of the investigations that have been carried out for this case, the prosecutor's office of Tirana has dealt with verification and some other practices of the immediate dismissal of the employees of the General Prosecutor's Office and the transfer, in violation of the law, of 6 prosecutors of this prosecutor's office to the prosecutor's offices of districts.

It is about civil administration employees in the General Prosecutor's Office, dismissed directly by order of Llalla and the 6 prosecutors transferred by order of Llalla, are Kasëm Berberi, Bilbil Mete, Bujar Sheshi, Hysen Keta, Kujtim Luli and Isa Jata.

All the transfers were carried out in violation of the law, removing the 6 old prosecutors from the General Prosecutor's Office to the prosecutor's office of Tirana, Kavaja, Përmet and the Prosecutor's Office of Appeal for Serious Crimes.

It is known that the order for the transfer was challenged in the Administrative Court, leading to its annulment and ordering the 6 prosecutors to return to their previous duties, at the General Prosecutor's Office.

Within a period of three years, this prosecutor's office will register a second case against former chief prosecutor Llalla, which is related to "Abuse of duty". 

Llalla was detained in Italy on December 10, 2021 and then released, after applying for asylum status. Adriatik Llalla is currently free in this country, obtaining a permanent residence permit in Italy.

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