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SPAK: The traffic chief of Lezha helped Edison Reçi for the assassination of Preng Gjin

SPAK: The traffic chief of Lezha helped Edison Reçi for the assassination

SPAK has released details from the mega-operation with 50 arrest warrants, where some of the most sensational murders have been discovered in recent years in our country.

After constant clashes between each other, criminal groups have made alliances with each other to eliminate rivals.

Aldo Avdylaj, the brother of Astri and Altin Avdylaj, joined Ervis Martinaj to realize his goals.

Also, the Special Prosecutor's Office has clarified the wounding of Preng Gjini for revenge, where the orderer is the head of another criminal group, Edison Reçi.

SPAK notice:

On the other hand, in the area of ​​Fushë Kruja, the criminal group led by the citizen Durim Bami stands out, which appears in open conflict with the criminal groups led by the citizen ERVIS MARTINAJ. and ARBEN NDOKA. The criminal group led by DURIM BAMI. makes an alliance with a group opposing citizen Ervis Martinaj and led by citizens LEONARD DUKA and Fatmir Hyseni., persons with significant criminal records with the aim of killing ERVIS MARTINAJ and ARBEN NDOKA and other members of these criminal groups.

The investigations have evidenced the existence of another criminal group led by the citizen EDISON RECI.

This citizen, with the intention of revenge, organized the murder of the citizen Preng Gjini., where on 15.09.2020, the latter was seriously injured as a result of the explosive explosion of the vehicle he was traveling in. EDISON RECI has recruited as part of the group ED citizens, B.Xh. etc., to whom he had promised a considerable amount of money in order to kill the citizen Preng Gjini.

Citizen K.Sh., acting as Head of the Illegal Traffic and Narcotics Section at the Local Police Directorate, Lezhë, as part of the structured criminal group, helped citizen EDISON RECI., giving him information about vehicles and access - the exits of the citizen Preng Gjini.

The investigation revealed that these criminal groups were able to pay large sums of money in order to carry out the murder of their opponents. The manner of committing criminal offenses also shows a very high degree of organization and social dangerousness.

The investigation also revealed the involvement of a former Member of Parliament, four police officers, two of them in leadership roles, during 2020, namely:

– Former Member of Parliament with initials ARBEN NDOKA.;

– Director of the Local Police Directorate Lezhë, with initials HM;

- Head of the Illegal Traffic and Narcotics Section in the same directorate, with the initials K.SH.;

- 2 officers of the RENEA Special Department, with initials AM and AP

This is how the reasonable suspicion has been created that the citizen HM, acting director of the Lezhë Local Police Directorate, in cooperation with the citizen K.Sh. and other persons, led the criminal activity of cultivating narcotics in Lezha district.

Also, the investigated HM, in cooperation with the citizen Preng Gjini., currently arrested for another criminal proceeding, organized the illegal gambling activity in the city of Lezha.

In the dynamics of the investigation of this criminal proceeding, evidence has been collected that creates a reasonable suspicion that the citizen DURIM BAMI., in cooperation with the citizen AM (with effective duty of the "RENEA" forces at the time of the crime) have organized the cultivation of narcotic plants in the area of ​​Nikla and Tapiza.

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