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Tafani breaks down the motives of the murders of the Haxhi gang: Laerti killed his cousin, doubted his loyalty

Tafani breaks down the motives of the murders of the Haxhi gang: Laerti killed

The repentant justice Artan Tafani has narrated in detail the criminal events of Laert Haxhi's gang.

Tafani has revealed the motives for the murder of Alban Semaku, Aldo Bare's soldier. Tafani said that he deceived Semaku, who was a cocaine user, by telling him that he had hidden a small amount somewhere. According to the repentant justice, the moment Semani sat down to look for the cocaine, they shot him.

"I knew Alban Semaku earlier and I knew that he used heroin. That day I lied to him by telling him that I will find the heroin because I have it hidden somewhere. I went and took him by car to his neighborhood and then we went to Peqin. I told him that I hid it in a wall by some brambles and he started looking for heroin. At this moment we shot him with one bullet in the head and two in the body. After we killed him, we left his body in the brambles and ran away" , he said.

For the murder of Çajup Selim, Tafani said that 50,000 euros were paid.

"Laerti received the order to kill Çajup Selim and as far as I remember they paid him 50,000 Euros. We killed Çajupi on the stairs of the building where he lived. Ersiano Abedini and Bujar Abedini were the ones who kept us in touch about Çajupi's movements. Lulzim Spahia and Ligor Romaçka also participated in the murder ," he testified.

According to Tafani, Laert Haxhiu also executed his cousin Fridman Xhaferri, one day after the murder of businessman Çajup Selimi.

"Fridman had asked Laertes to help him and if he didn't help him he would talk. This was taken as a threat by Laertes, and he began to doubt his loyalty. Laertes and Fridman were cousins ​​to each other. Laertes helped him get out of prison and get his security measure changed. He beat her before killing her. He demanded an account if he had spoken and why he was blackmailing him from prison. When he saw that we had pistols in our hands, he apologized to Laertes and begged us not to kill him. Then we shot him in the back of the head, took him to the car and took him to Gjanç. We then threw the body into the reservoir" , continued Tafani.

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