'They met journalists, academics', the expert shows the special method of investigation by FBI agents in Albania for the McGonigal case

'They met journalists, academics', the expert shows the special method

Criminalistics expert Ervin Karamuço has revealed details about how the investigation into the McGonigal case began in Albania.

"The American way is a way that all the FBI staff check each other, so they have a check and balance within these institutions. They check each other and have a balance between them within these institutions.

They came as agents, but they were not presented as such, they were presented as representatives of the American government who were coming to see the Russian influence in Albania. They have met people who speak publicly about Russian influence in the Balkans, not only in Albania. They had a meeting with journalists, civil society and academics. And I didn't know that they were investigating this issue, " he said in an interview for "Top Talk".

He also spoke about the special way the agents conducted the investigation in our country.
"The great American school has completely different methods than the ones we know. They have the details, they have it all on file, and they come to do fact-finding, asking you about very general issues. They never go into details, because through the details you understand what they are dealing with.

But in the meantime, they make an intersection at the end and we see what all these public factors say, about the influence of the Russian, and other factors that can affect public order and security.
They simply cross-reference the data and come to a conclusion and then come out with reports or literal indictments that they then refer to the federal prosecutor for a variety of cases, such as McGonigal," said Karamuço.

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