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The fifth in Europe: How much do Albanians spend on tourism abroad?

The fifth in Europe: How much do Albanians spend on tourism abroad?

According to "Eurostat" data, Albanians spend about 145 euros per person when they travel, whether abroad or within the country. The last updated data for Albania refers to the year 2020 as complete. The figure of 145 euros includes all expenses for the trip, with the exception of durable and valuable goods, i.e. large purchases, which can be personal or gifts. On the other hand, the figure refers to any trip over 1 night, for any purpose, which means it can be either 2 nights or 14 nights or more.

While for Albanians the average expenditure for a trip is fixed at 145 euros, for an average European it is fixed at 306 euros. Albania ranks as the 5th country from the last in Europe in terms of travel expenses. Only Latvia, Romania, North Macedonia and the Czech Republic register a lower figure for travel expenses for their citizens than Albania. For the Czech Republic, the last country in this ranking, the figure is fixed at 113 euros per trip.

However, these data refer to trips to any destination, including within the country. If we look at the data that refers only to trips abroad, we realize that the figure more than doubles. In the case of Albanians traveling abroad, the average expenditure per capita rises to 308 euros, while the average of the European Union is fixed at 728 euros. In this case, the ranking places us in 4th place from last in the old continent. The only ones who spend less than Albanians on their trips abroad are Hungarians, citizens of North Macedonia and Slovenians. For the latter, a trip abroad costs an average of 232 euros per person.

If we focus on longer trips, over 4 nights, we see that Albanians abroad spend an average of 405 euros per capita, while the average of the European Union is fixed at over 900 euros per capita.

Among other things, the figures give us a clear overview of travel expenses by gender. Albanian men spend more than women when traveling abroad, 353 euros per person, against 260 euros per person. Even with regard to the level of education, there are significant differences in expenses. For those with higher education, on average, per capita spending is fixed at 407 euros, and for those with secondary education, close to 227 euros.

Regarding the breakdown of expenses for trips abroad, Eurostat statistics, analyzed by "Scan Intel", show that restaurants and cafes take up the vast majority, with 138 euros out of 308 in total, or 45% of the total. Then follows accommodation, with 84 euros, or 27%. Other extra expenses follow with 67 euros, or about 22%. Transport is the voice that has the lowest weight, with only 20 euros per capita, or 6.5%, which signals that the vast majority of trips abroad by Albanians are destined to neighboring countries, where transport by personal vehicle is more accessible./ SCAN Intel

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