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"You spend 1 million a week, buy a new car", as the 20-year-old prostitute and tutor were discovered in the "massage" center in Tirana

"You spend 1 million a week, buy a new car", as the 20-year-old

Social networks have long become an efficient means of recruiting girls for prostitution. Profiles that operate under the name of massage centers, but are actually looking for something completely different.

The first step is on Instagram or Tik Tok, where tens of pages are looking for masseuses without any qualifications, it is enough that they are young and beautiful. Actually, these girls have nothing to do with massages. They are just sex workers. But let's see how it works.

The employment scheme is so simple: administrators publish job notices, where young girls are wanted. No more clarification... and only when the interested girl wrote to the persons who manage the prostitution network, they start to become concrete.

As in the case when one of our daughters started communicating with them. The person in the chat appears openly as a pimp who seeks to seduce young girls and convince them to work for him. After being informed in detail about the working conditions, we hurry to make an appointment to get to know our tutor closely. But when we face her, we are surprised, because the person who comes to the meeting is a very young girl, not yet 20 years old.

'I'm the manager. I have worked before. I had some debts, some problems helping some relatives and I had nowhere else to go. I started work this year, in February. I study to be a teacher. There are no massages in Albania, soul, but later we will open the center, because we rented it in Astir. We are working in the field at the moment. We put it in place. I bring the client, for example, where they pick you up, drop you off.

You will meet him in a moment and finish work. If you don't like one, you leave and don't meet him at all. The manager will say, 4 o'clock, car this, license plate that. It ends with him and the next one comes directly. 15 minutes maximum is over. The payment depends, 150, 200. If he gives you 100, you will share. 50 people, 50 us.

You will spend a quarter of an hour with one, or half an hour with the other and half an hour with the other, making 150,000 ALL. You can't live a normal life with 200 thousand lek salary, waitress. Meanwhile, you don't work 8 hours, but two or three hours a day and there comes a moment when you say why not enjoy the life of luxury like the oysters do. Do you see them on insta? It is not that they earn the money fairly. Have you seen how they take out all the asses? Laugh.

You can disconnect whenever you want. You get used to it. At the end of the day you will feel comfortable. The first year of school I was very hellish. I was left penniless. Let me make you an account. You do it twice a day. Get 100, get a tip. We took it for 7 days. It goes 700 in a week just you. These are yours. If you do 3, you get 1 million.

Pasi kemi dëgjuar çfarë në duhet nga kjo bisedë, kemi kuptuar se vajza me të cilën jemi përballur është thjesht një vegël e dikujt që pa u shfaqur aspak drejton një rrjet prostitucioni.

Për këtë fiksojmë një takim të dytë më vajzën.

‘E kam bërë nga halli, kisha nevojë për lekë. Jam vetëm 20 vjeç. Këtu në Shqipëri nuk ja del dot me rrogën e ndershme, prandaj e kam bërë, por do ta lë, nuk do ta bëj më’

Duket dukshëm që vajza është në gjendje të dëshpëruar, por shpresojmë që ta mbajë fjalën e dhënë dhe t’i kthehet një jete normale si të gjitha moshataret e saj.

Por tani na duhet të takojmë edhe ortakun e saj në këtë biznes, po aq fajtor në historinë e rekrutimit të vajzave.

‘E kam lënë, kam tre muaj. Ju premtoj që nuk do ta bëj më’- tha tutori i frikësuar.

Both the manager and the tutor promised us that they would give it up. We are not sure how much they will keep their word, but it is important that young girls understand that earning money in this way is not the best solution, nor the most honest. TV eye


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