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They kill you at night and cry during the day/ The similarity of the crime in Kosovo with the Greek pilot two years ago

They kill you at night and cry during the day/ The similarity of the crime in

The murder of Liridona Ademaj on November 29 in the village of Bërnica in Pristina has aroused a lot of anger in the public opinion, both in Kosovo and in Albania.

This is because among the suspects is her husband, Naim Murseli, who initially reported the serious incident as a robbery.

The judicial authorities have not yet disclosed the motive for this murder, but so far it is suspected that he could benefit from an extremely high life insurance policy in case the murder case was not solved, up to around 8 million Swedish kronor , which corresponds to approximately 850 thousand euros.

For the public, this scenario seems familiar because just two years ago, a very similar case caused a stir in Greece as well.

Greek Babis Anagnostopoulos killed his 20-year-old wife Caroline Crouch in May 2021 in a house on the outskirts of Athens.

 He created a "crazy" scenario to camouflage the most macabre murder of recent years in Greece, echoing in the international media. But in the end it turned out that Babis suffocated the 20-year-old British woman to death with a pillow in front of her 11-month-old daughter in the early hours of May 11.

For this, he was sentenced to 27 and a half years in prison and is serving his sentence in Korydallos high security prison, which is considered one of the toughest prisons in Europe.



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