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The "scorching" temperature, the weather forecast for today

The "scorching" temperature, the weather forecast for today

For the week ahead: our country will be affected by stable atmospheric conditions due to the penetration of dry and hot air masses originating from the African Anticyclone.

The weather is expected to be clear in the entire territory throughout the week, but there will be few to medium transitory clouds of high transparent type which will be more present mainly along the mountain reliefs.

A gradual increase in temperatures is expected, which will be several degrees higher than the monthly climate average. The wind will blow mainly from the western quadrant with an average speed of 1-7m/s, while along the coastline and valley areas it gains an average speed of up to 10-12m/s.

The peak of temperatures is expected to be recorded on Friday, when the thermometer will register 41 degrees in Tirana, Lezhë and Shkodër and 43 degrees in Berat and Elbasan.

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