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Tenders, about 60% of complaints were about the evaluation of offers from institutions

Tenders, about 60% of complaints were about the evaluation of offers from

During the past year, the main complaints of businesses to the Public Procurement Commission were made after the evaluation of the offers by the contracting authorities.

The annual report of the KPP shows that out of 866 (eight hundred and sixty-six) complaints submitted in total, 351 of them or about 40.5%, are complaints submitted for tender documents and 514 complaints. or about 59.4% of them, are complaints submitted for the offer evaluation phase.

What actually shows that the field of procurement still remains problematic is the fact that most of these complaints have been accepted by the institution.

"From the data presented, the highest number of complaints concerns the goods category, where 558 complaints were registered, followed by the services category with a number of 231 complaints, public works 74 complaints and mining permit 3 complaints.

In these contracts, the Commission has fully accepted 54.8% of complaints, rejected 27.6% of complaints, closed the case or accepted by the contracting authority in 11% of cases, while there were withdrawals from complaints in 5.2% of cases and no considered 1.4% of complaints. This information can serve as a basis to identify problem areas and to undertake improvement measures in the public procurement processes in the future", KPP assesses.

According to the report, KPP underlines that it has examined 847 complaints, of which for 218 complaints it has asked the contracting authority to make the modifications specified in the decision.

During 2023, after exceeding the legal deadline, the KPP sent 78 requests to the contracting authorities for implementation - decision, compared to 43 requests in 2022. The average speed of implementation of the decision by the contracting authority is 8.5 days from the date of sending the request for implementation of the decision.

The data show that the appealed procedures, dominated by those for unique procedures, give a value of ALL 20 billion if the total limit fund is calculated.

This constitutes 15.21% of the budget procured at the national level. On the other hand, regarding decision-making, KPP has calculated that it has saved the state 342 million ALL without VAT.

From the general analysis, it results that the highest number of complaints was submitted for procurement procedures in the range of limit funds, between the values ​​of 1-5 million ALL, which accounts for 37.4% of the total number of complaints submitted to the Public Procurement Commission. while procedures with a fund limit over ALL 100 million account for about 6.64% of the number of complaints./ Monitor

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