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The fan who made the eagle in the stadium: I refused to give the flag

The fan who made the eagle in the stadium: I refused to give the flag

The Albanian fan, Anila Mahalla, who made the eagle in the stadium during the Serbia-Switzerland match, has spoken about the situation that was created in Qatar.

Mahalla told "Euronews Albania" that in the stadium, he had received the flags of Albania and Kosovo. She underlined that the Albanian flag was taken from her, while the Kosovo flag was not.

She further tells how she was offended by the Serbs and that the latter asked the security workers to take the Albanian fan out of the stadium.

"I had both flags. They saw the flag of Albania, but they did not see the flag of Kosovo. Fortunately and unfortunately they took one, I had it and I revealed it.

We are Albanians, I am from Kosovo. They didn't take me because I didn't let them take me. I was among the Serbian fans, there was tension. I had many requests from them to remove the Kosovo flag, and I was cheering Albanians, Shaqiri, Xhaka.

When the second goal came, I was the only one on my feet celebrating. There were many insulting messages and requests for me to leave. They told the security to leave me or the flag. I was happy, I was celebrating. The general came and told me you must leave, it is for your safety that you leave. If you are not going to leave, you must give us the flag. I told them that I will not give them the flag", she emphasized.


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