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The three Vetëvendosje candidates are complaining about the election result, seeking to be declared invalid in three constituencies; arguments

The three Vetëvendosje candidates are complaining about the election

The chairman of the Vetëvendosje Movement in Albania, Boiken Abazi, and two other members of the movement, Kreshnik Merxhani and Iljaz Shehu, who ran as independent candidates in the April 25 parliamentary elections, have sent a request to the Complaints and Sanctions Commission (KAS) for declaring the elections in the districts of Tirana, Lezha and Gjirokastra invalid.

All three candidates claim that there have been violations and have presented a series of arguments for declaring the elections invalid in these three constituencies.

"There are 164 photos of the ballots where a second or third X is placed, on the ballot where there was an X for Boiken Abazi. "Observers have noticed cases when the counters have passed the votes for the independent candidate Boiken Abazi in the direction of other political entities" , it is stated in Abazi's claim.

"Finger covering during the counting process of the square with the number 13 that belonged to the independent candidate Kreshnik Merxhani. "The full view of the ballot paper has not been placed on the screen of the counting tables", it is said in Merxhani's claim.

Ballots with an additional "X" are identified in the photos. "During the counting process, it is claimed that the full view of the ballot paper has not been placed on the screen ", it is said in Shehu's claim.

Violations alleged by three Vetëvendosje candidates:

- Obstruction by observers of CEAZs of observers and the candidates themselves of entering the Polling Stations.
- The declaration of invalid votes without any justification, as well as their manipulation.
- Lack of film footage in some cases during the counting process.
- Opening ballot boxes and manipulating ballot papers on the way to the Counting Centers.
- Do not allow people infected with Covid to vote
- Establish a two-week quarantine for migrants, by the Committee of Experts just 2 days before the election.
- Abuse of public administrations, as only in recent months many people were hired, causing them to influence the outcome of the elections.
- The citizens of Albania living abroad were denied the right to vote, even though they have their constitutional and legal right.
- Pressure, manipulation, sale and purchase of votes by political entities. 

Earlier, LSi also complained about the result in Gjirokastra Region, where it seeks the invalidation of the elections, while the DP demands re-voting in 9 regions, including Tirana and Gjirokastra.

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