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She was tortured by her partner because she gave birth to a girl, says the 22-year-old Albanian: I was close to death, he wanted to kill my parents

She was tortured by her partner because she gave birth to a girl, says the

The case of a 22-year-old Albanian woman who was raped and kept locked up by her husband, caused a sensation not only in the Albanian media, but also in the Greek ones.

The 22-year-old AK was tortured by her husband in Volos, Greece, because she had given birth to a girl and not a boy, as the child's father had wished.

According to Prothothema, the young woman confessed her husband's violence while portraying him as a "mafioso". She says that after the birth of her daughter, they lived for 5 months in a room with closed shutters and no sunlight. According to her, the violence was daily and the 28-year-old did not allow the mother to go to the doctor for the child's vaccination, nor to call the doctor at home.

The torture of the 22-year-old ended when on Thursday evening the neighbors heard her screams while the 22-year-old raped her and immediately notified the police.

"I ate stronger wood, I came close to death many times. He threatened me that if I fled to Albania he would come and kill my parents" , she said in her testimony.

The 28-year-old was sent to the investigator yesterday and a deadline was requested for Tuesday, while the mother and child are under protection by order of the prosecutor. In his appearance before the prosecutor's office, the author did not speak a word and it seems that he did not understand either the seriousness of the events or the importance of referring to justice for criminal offenses.

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