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Covid-19 infections decrease, a patient from Tirana dies

Covid-19 infections decrease, a patient from Tirana dies

The Ministry of Health has reported the latest balance of the coronavirus in the country.

According to the figures of the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours, 564 infections were registered, while an 81-year-old man from Tirana lost his life.

New cases have been registered: 160 in Tirana, 34 in Lushnje, 31 in Durrës, 29 in Kavajë, 27 in Vlorë, from 24 citizens in Divjakë, Lezhë, 20 in Shkodër, 16 in Sarandë, 13 in Fier, from 12 citizens in Korçë, Devoll, from 11 citizens in Kurbin, Tepelën, Elbasan, 9 in Patos, from 8 citizens in Malësi e Madhe, Gjirokastër, from 7 citizens in Krujë, Kuçovo, from 6 citizens in Kamëz, Mallakastër, Përmet, from 5 citizens in Vor, Mat, Roskovec, Himarë, Pogradec, Berat, from 4 citizens in Mirdita, Shijak, Rrogozhinë, Delvinë, Maliq, Gramsh, from 3 citizens in Dibër, Dimal, from 2 citizens in Vau i Dejës, Has, Tropoja, Selenica, from 1 citizen in Pukë, Kukës, Klos, Skrapar.

There are 3,204 active citizens with Covid19 throughout the country. Currently, 22 patients are receiving treatment at the COVID3 hospital. 232 citizens have recovered during the last 24 hours, bringing the number of recoveries to 314,571 since the beginning of the epidemic.

Statistics (August 13, 2022)
Daily new cases 564
Recovered in 24 hours 232
Hospitalized 22
Loss of life in 24 hours 1
Daily testing 1596

Total Testing 1,941,032
Cases 321,345 Recovered Cases 314,571
Active Cases 3,204
Loss of Life 3,570

Geographical distribution of active cases by counties:

Tirana 1,053
Fier 545
Durrës 346
Vlorë 304
Gjirokastër 231
Berat 138
Elbasan 129
Korçë 129
Shkodër 121
Lezhë 120
Dibër 54
Kukës 34


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