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UNESCO report on Butrint: Impact of construction, illegal activities and management plan

 UNESCO report on Butrint: Impact of construction, illegal activities and

UNESCO has published the latest report on the National Archaeological Park of Butrint. In this report, the risks were analyzed and the determination of the site boundaries was again requested.

 UNESCO points out that there are four factors that could affect Butrint in 2024: constructions, illegal activities, the impact of tourism and the management plan or management systems.

"On 4 October 2023, the World Heritage Center invited the State Party, Albania, to submit a report on the state of conservation (of Butrint) following information received from third parties on new construction and tourist facilities on the World Heritage property, with evidence visual aids, as well as findings of the Joint UNESCO/lCOMOS World Heritage Centre.

Advisory Mission to the World Heritage property from 26-28 October 2022, on the vulnerability of the outstanding universal value of the property (of Butrint) and the confirmation of the removal of 600 ha from the National Park, which was not notified to the World Heritage Center and constituted change in the protection regime of a sensitive part of the buffer zone of the property", says the beginning of the report.

Next, the Unesco report notes that “The management plan includes the establishment of a foundation and the future management of the A3 area (archaeological area) after a transitional period.

It is unfortunate that this process may result in a fragmentation of the managed environment, as the A3 area does not include the entire property (of Butrint). This should be avoided at all costs", the report states.

According to the document, UNESCO welcomes the oversight role of the Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation for all World Heritage property, but underlines the urgent requirements.

" Clearing the borders of the property and the protected area is urgent, especially in this context. Urgent clarification is required on how the sections of the property that are not covered by the map of A3 (archaeological area) will be managed and conserved, which will be administered by the Butrint Foundation," the report states.


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