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"Poverty in Albania at alarming levels, governors immersed in luxury"

"Poverty in Albania at alarming levels, governors immersed in luxury"

The economic expert, Violdi Danaj, spoke about the UNICEF report which found that about 47% of children are at risk of extreme poverty.

Danaj declares that in our country the middle class has left as the government is immersed in its luxury and does not care about the very serious situation that has affected our society.

"If in 2013 we were in extreme poverty according to the prime minister and today we should be prosperous, but apparently the abyss is much deeper. We have been saying for over 2 years that about 50% of the population lives in extreme poverty.

In a country where the government, ministers and MPs are isolated from the economic reality in a country where they had an idea of ​​what the prices are in the market, they would move something to improve it.

The most serious thing is that beyond the 50% who are entitled to poverty, we have the middle class to react, as it is the only class that overthrows the powers that be.

I want to know how a member of parliament's child is fed compared to a child of those who work with manual labor and whose salary is 60,000 lek, they have not been able to buy a kg of meat for months.

Social assistance is below the average of the Balkans and how could we claim that we have tourism, which is tourism in this country that has the lowest standards in the region," said the expert in the 'Task Force' on 'SYRI TV'.


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