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Liridona's brother: We know the killers, one of them ate bread in our family

Liridona's brother: We know the killers, one of them ate bread in our

Liridona Ademaj's brother spoke to News 24 about the cruel murder of his sister, the start of suspicions about Naim Murseli and the reason why the latter did such a thing, leaving the two children orphans.

According to Leonard Ademaj, although they are still not sure, the main doubts lie in the large financial insurance that Liridona had in Sweden, where she had been living with her family for many years.

He also confessed that the murderer of Liridona and the person who helped the murderer are not strangers to his family, even Kushtrim Kokalla, a member of the KSF, according to you, ate bread and stayed in the family's apartment Furthermore.

Leonard Ademaj: After we arrived at our house here, father said that we should not go there. The father said that if Naimi had been a man, he would have protected Liridona. After a few minutes, it appeared in the news that Naim Murseli had been arrested.

They were married for 13 years. In Sweden, Liridona completed school, then worked with the elderly until they opened their own cleaning business. Liridona has been very happy, there has been nothing in these years of marriage. We are not aware that there was a divorce process between them, it is not true.

What do you think was Naimi's motive for this serious act?

Leonard Ademaj: Now we can have many opinions about why Naimi did that act. Our thoughts are that Naim has had expenses since he came back and our sister had a large insurance in Sweden and maybe he thought to kill her and take a significant amount of money. We think that was the main purpose and why there may have been other purposes.

Do you know the killers of Liridona?

Leonard Ademaj: We know the murderer a little, we have not had conversations with him, while we know the accomplice personally. He visited us several times, ate bread in our house and slept in our house. We know him very well.

Where are the children of Liridona at this moment?

Leonard Ademaj: Liridona's children are at their grandparents' house, Naimi's parents. They are being taken care of there.

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