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VIDEO/ The police rape the woman in Mat: I was beaten in the van, I was left unconscious

VIDEO/ The police rape the woman in Mat: I was beaten in the van, I was left

Violeta Rica has shown that the Police of Mati used gruesome violence against her inside the police van until she was left homeless.

Speaking to Syri Tv, Rica told the moment they went to demolish the surrounding wall of the private property.

Rica also says that even though she was unconscious in the police van, the officers did not take her to the hospital, but her sister-in-law had to come, who opened the door of the van and saw her in a scandalous state.

After that they sent him to the hospital.


Rica: I was working with the belt and the police came, one van stopped at the mani and the other in front of the yard. Gëzim Murrani came and climbed up to the retaining wall and said to me 'how are you', extending my hand, 'you don't deserve my hand, you are a trickster, why didn't you inform the slave', I told him. At this moment, many people came after the police and took me by force, I sat on the wall of the courtyard, I supported myself and they used force and violence on me. They grabbed my arm and I'm rotten, and my whole body is completely rotten. I can't play and I'm sorry for the expression, but I can't even go out.

Question: What was the reason the police came?

Rica: I broke the wall of the courtyard of the property.

Q: What did they communicate to you?

Rica: No words and they directly broke the wall with force. I took the phone with the communicator with the brothers, blocking my hands with the phone. They took me by force from the yard wall and threw me outside the territory and forced me into the van and there they used force on me. There were many policemen. I was homeless and I didn't understand myself where I ended up. Only the police used force on me. Four men have taken my weight from the wall of the courtyard.

Question: Who brought you to the hospital?

Rica: My sister-in-law came and opened the police door and a policeman threatened her that why did she open it, that you are not allowed to touch her.

Question: Even though you were raped, they continued to keep you in the police van?

Rica: Inside the van by force, only when my sister-in-law came did they take me out.


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