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Video/ Suspended from office after insulting journalists, the deputy commissioner of Elbasan challenges Gladis Nano: Only a bullet can stop me

Video/ Suspended from office after insulting journalists, the deputy

The reaction of the deputy commissioner of the Elbasan Police, Anisa Kostani, comes a few hours after the General Director of the State Police, Gladis Nano, suspended her from office, after insulting journalists the day before.

Kostani has published a video story on Instagram, traveling by car. The rapper Unikkatil's song, "U qova pi vorri", is heard in the background, where it is said, among other things, "I am damned; the unexpected; that bloody Albanian who is only a feather...'.

Kostani has chosen this song not only as a form of reaction, but openly commits another violation, as he is seen using a mobile phone while driving.    

A day after insulting and threatening journalists after reports on the murder of Madrid Ulqinak in Elbasan, the Police Oversight Agency has launched an administrative investigation for violations of ethics and regulations for the use of social networks by the Kostani police. The operative, part of the economic crime sector in the Elbasan directorate, has been suspended from duty at the request of chief police officer Nano.



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