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VOA: USA and EU dissatisfied with the Rama government, the "war" against crime and corruption is failing

VOA: USA and EU dissatisfied with the Rama government, the "war"

Diplomatic representatives of the United States of America and the European Union asked the Albanian authorities today to further increase the results in the fight against organized crime and corruption.

Diplomats from states and donor organizations, led by the USA and the EU, discussed today with representatives of the Albanian government to coordinate aid and support for Albania in the fight against organized crime and corruption, an area where, as it was emphasized in round table, higher results are expected.

Acting Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy, ​​Kathryn Hammand, emphasized in her speech that the rule of law starts first with accountability, and that much more must be done for this important task, in which Albania has the support of the USA and the EU.

She said that the US is investing in strengthening the rule of law in Albania, but added that this is a task that cannot be done alone and requires actions and efforts from all institutions and actors.

"Corrupt officials are being brought to justice, members of organized crime are going to prison and losing their assets. This is a very powerful process, which is moving forward, - said Mrs. Hammand. - The USA, - she added, - will continue to strongly support Albania and its efforts, which are essential for membership in the European Union, which is what the Albanian people want".

The US has provided a lot of training and expertise in anti-crime investigation and cyber analysis in this field.

While the head of the EU Delegation in Albania, Ambassador Silvio Gonzato, emphasized in the donors' meeting with the Albanian authorities that the process of Albania's membership in the EU includes the fight against organized crime, public order, security and the integrated management of borders and migration , which are very important for the security of Albania, the region and the EU.

"Reforms in the field of rule of law should improve standards and practices in creating a more efficient state, guarantee protection for all citizens and tourists, as well as guarantee more respect for human rights," said Ambassador Gonzato.

He added that Albania is facing challenges such as the infiltration of criminal groups related to money laundering and terrorist financing, where banks and financial institutions involved in internal and external property sales transactions have been identified.

Ambassador Gonzato emphasized that the fight against organized crime and corruption requires a coordinated response of many actors, including the private sector, and civil society.

Albania is drafting a national strategy to combat money laundering and terrorist financing for the period 2024-30, as well as a new law for the state police, which is expected to increase professionalism, integrity, based on career merits. /VOA

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