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The wiretapping, how the employee of the Court of Korça falsified documents to take drugs to England, is revealed

The wiretapping, how the employee of the Court of Korça falsified

Today, the police have arrested Zhenika Loli, an employee at the Court of the Judicial District in Korça, after being accused of having set up a base for the production of forged documents with the aim of transporting drugs and illegal items to England.

In the file of the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana under the direction of the attorney Bledar Vatikiaj, where the measure of arrest and imprisonment for the IT employee is requested, the auto-interceptions as well as the film images that implicate the suspect in the criminal offenses "Forgery of documents", "fraud", and "aid for illegal border crossing".

In the file provided by the journalist Anila Hoxha, it is said that Zheni Loli, using his position as IT in the Korçë Judicial District Court with good computer skills, opened his own office where he falsified documents with the aim not only of passing people to EU, but with the main purpose of passing narcotics to England.

- I have a friend for two hours, a man, let's do something. Is there any money for me, I can find it nanji

Zheni: I don't know that, you hear this isn't it, you say as much as you want, you know the market

Zheni: You know the market, say as much as you want, brother, I do these things for a friend

- I understand, but isn't there any other price?

Zheni: Just be careful, brother, because you are something like this...

- Oh, Vla, these are not things, now they are doing things.... You're running wild but be careful, I'm telling you that, then you'll know

Zheni: Good heart, good, come, thank you very much

After conducting proactive investigative actions, surveillance, wiretapping as well as simulated purchases, the mechanism was discovered to produce high-quality documents that had all the security codes and could pass any police check. At the end of the investigative actions carried out by the specialists, it turns out that Zhenika Loli is one of the links of this network that serves for the illegal crossing of the border through the falsification of documents, but not only in the crossing of persons through other routes such as truck transport.

On the part of the Specialists of the Section for Economic and Financial Crime, information was received on the operative route that different citizens in cooperation with each other against payment help certain persons to illegally cross the border through the forgery of identity cards of European countries and mainly Italian identity cards.

By means of these forged cards, these citizens, avoiding checks, make it easier to pass narcotics and other illegal items not only to EU countries but with the final destination England.

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