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DASH: Kosovo and Serbia to implement all obligations under the Agreement

DASH: Kosovo and Serbia to implement all obligations under the Agreement

Since the beginning of talks on the normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations in 2011, the West has emphasized that this is a condition for European integration.

A spokesperson for the US State Department told VOA that the United States continues to strongly support EU-facilitated talks as the only way to achieve a peaceful relationship between Kosovo and Serbia.

"For this reason, we repeat our calls to the governments of Kosovo and Serbia to make concrete progress in the commitments they have made under the normalization agreement and we expect both countries to fully implement all their obligations under the Basic Agreement and the annex of its implementation", it is stated in the response of the DASH spokesperson, which reiterates the commitment of the United States to support Serbia, Kosovo and all the countries of the Western Balkans to fulfill their aspirations for European integration and membership in the institutions Euro-Atlantic.

During yesterday, the EU's special envoy for the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Miroslav Lajcak, said in Brussels that there is progress in the implementation of some agreements reached in the dialogue between the two sides.

He said this during the debate on the enlargement developed by the "Friends of Europe" organization.

Lajçak emphasized that the European future of the Western Balkan region cannot even be dreamed of without the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

"The normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is a matter of strategic importance. Without this normalization we cannot even dream of the European future. We have recently made progress in this direction. We will soon close the energy file, there is progress in the issue of license plates, in the issue of missing persons, in the issue of local elections in the north and in the implementation of the agreement on the road to the normalization of relations" , stated Lajçak, adding that he is in constant contact with the parties to continue with the implementation./Voa

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