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Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Kurti: The agreement reached must be implemented correctly and as soon as possible!

Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Kurti: The agreement reached must be implemented

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, said on Wednesday that the Agreement reached with Serbia for the normalization of relations between the two countries must be implemented correctly and quickly. He made these statements while commenting on the meeting planned for April 4 in Brussels, between the two chief negotiators in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

Kosovo's chief negotiator for these meetings is the deputy prime minister, Besnik Bislimi, while Serbia's is the head of the Office for Kosovo in the Government of Serbia, Petar Petkovic.

"On April 4, they will discuss the issue of implementing the Agreement that has already been agreed upon. So there is agreement, there is agreement. It is very clear, public for everyone".

Kosovo and Serbia have reached an Agreement on the normalization of relations on February 27 in Brussels, and then on the annex of its implementation on March 18 in Ohrid.

Prime Minister Kurti told reporters in Pristina that the Agreement must be implemented in its entirety.

"There is no possibility that something is implemented and something is not implemented. Just as there can be no unilateral signing of the Agreement, nor of the implementation annex, there can be no unilateral implementation of the Agreement either. Therefore, we should not tear up the Agreement", he said.

Even the European Union has confirmed that at the April 4 meeting, the parties will discuss the next steps towards the implementation of the Agreement. Asked about eventual emergencies in implementation of the Agreement, he said that this term applies to the issue of missing persons.

During the war in Kosovo, around 13,000 people were killed, over 800,000 were displaced, while around 6,000 disappeared. More than 1,600 people still remain missing to this day. Hundreds of bodies of murdered Kosovo Albanians have been found in mass graves in Serbia.

With the mediation of the EU and the support of the United States, the two countries have been in negotiations for the normalization of relations since 2011.

They have reached dozens of agreements, but most of them have not been implemented and the parties have blamed each other for stagnation./REL

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