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Kosovo-Serbia dialogue/ Lajçak: Every time Kurti and Vucic take a step, they are criticized

Kosovo-Serbia dialogue/ Lajçak: Every time Kurti and Vucic take a step,

The EU envoy for the Western Balkans, Miroslav Lajçak, responsible for the Kosovo-Serbia talks, speaking on   N1 Bosnia,  said that the societies in Kosovo and Serbia do not press for the normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations.

Moreover, according to him, every time Kurti and Vucic take a step, there is criticism in the respective countries.

"I recently had a meeting with representatives of non-governmental organizations and media from the region. I asked them who wants normalization? And the answer was you, the European Union. So, the problem is that this is a process that has been made possible by the EU, but we do not feel the effort, the pressure for normalization on the part of the societies, neither in Serbia nor in Kosovo. So we have an agreement that we have never had before, the Ohrid Agreement, which is a clear path. But what I have also witnessed is that every time two leaders, President Vučić, Prime Minister Kurti, agree on some steps towards normalization, it faces criticism in their societies, " said Lajçak.

"So it is clear that the most important element to complete this process is to help societies understand that without the normalization of their relations there is no European future for them" , he added.

According to him, the European Union has never been more ready to lead this process or facilitate this process.

"However, I have to say that the four years of my mandate were really divided into two parts. One was positive when we were working on normalization, but the other, which was bigger, was unfortunately dealing with the crisis on the ground, mitigating the impact, trying to prevent escalation. And of course, you can't have both at the same time. So very often we were forced to stop the normalization process because we had to face the escalation on the ground".



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