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The draft for the Association, Kurti answers to Rama: Alternative texts are not accepted

The draft for the Association, Kurti answers to Rama: Alternative texts are not

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, stated during the session in the Assembly, that alternative texts cannot be accepted for the issue of association if the parties do not agree in principle.

Although Kurti did not mention Prime Minister Edi Rama and his statements that there is a draft for the Association, the Prime Minister of Kosovo seems to have closed the door to any other proposal.

He said that he has already presented his draft vision on this issue to the international community on May 2.

 " On May 2, I presented the draft - the vision. I can deepen this (the vision for the Association statute), but the deepening of this implies compatibility in principle. So, when we agree in principle, including those pillars that I said in Ohrid, then we can freely deepen the text. But, we cannot write alternative texts between which an arithmetic average can be found without agreeing once in principle" - he said.

During the session held in the Assembly, he added that the draft vision proposed by him at the May 2 meeting was rejected by Brussels.

" Consequently, I have proposed a draft vision to implement article seven of the basic agreement and in relation to article 10, for which I have not received the approval of the other party first and then of the official Brussels, which continues to consider this matter open" - declared the prime minister.

According to him, from now on it can be discussed within the Brussels dialogue for the implementation of article seven of the agreement according to his vision presented in Brussels, which as he said "presents the letter and spirit of the Constitution of our Republic, the trans- Atlantic of democratic and liberal values".

Kurti's reaction comes at a time when Prime Minister Edi Rama warned that he has a secret draft of his own for the Association.

"I have not consulted the document with Albin Kurti. It is not Albin Kurti's fate at stake today, but the Republic of Kosovo as a whole. I only want the success of Kurti's government and Kosovo, but we can't stand watching anymore, when what I see must be shared with everyone because it is a big threat that does not come to Kosovo from Serbia, but the reduction of relations with allies where it is lost Kosovo is big. In the conditions where the relations of the allies with Kosovo are taking on alternative tones and when the return to the previous situation risks taking an ever longer time if Kosovo and I wish and pray that Kosovo is not sanctioned by international partners. I am here to share with you a hitherto unknown fact. I have known for a long time that the Gordian knot would be until the end the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority, and I am convinced that none of the parties want it and will do their best to push it to infinity by maintaining the crisis with all kinds of artifice. I believe that the creation of the Association is the key to opening the door to the international affirmation of Kosovo, its seat in the United Nations", declared Rama.

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