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Gërvalla: Rama's proposals are worthless, he does not think better than those who have been elected by the people of Kosovo

Gërvalla: Rama's proposals are worthless, he does not think better

The Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Donika Gërvalla, gave a statement to Prime Minister Edi Rama, telling him that before giving recommendations, he should consult with politicians and friends from Kosovo.

"I don't have a sister, just like Kosovo and Albania, I would think carefully before giving advice. Kosovo has no closer partners than Albania. It is difficult to accept that the Albanian prime minister sometimes thinks even better than the elected representatives of the Kosovo government.

Kosovo proved on Sunday that it is responsible to protect its sovereignty in every corner. The Albanian Prime Minister or anyone else in Albania, before giving recommendations addressed to the world, had to consult with politicians and friends, to draw conclusions. Something that did not happen, we had no contact regarding this ", said Gërvalla.

Rama's proposal was for KFOR to stay in the north of Kosovo and take control of the border. Gërvalla added that the Kosovo police is capable of protecting its territory, and that it proved its power.

" There is no doubt that the institutions are capable of maintaining sovereignty. The Kosovo police have not been vindictive, neither against the terrorists, nor against the monastery, but on the contrary, they have gone to the houses of the citizens and given them food. There is no dilemma. The institutions are capable of protecting the country's security", said the deputy prime minister.

"Position and opposition must be unique in what we ask from the internationals, in order to realize them together", she added./tch

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