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Removal of measures from the EU, Kosovo expects Borrell's report to be positive

Removal of measures from the EU, Kosovo expects Borrell's report to be

The sanctioning measures imposed by the European Union continue to be in force, while the Government of Kosovo expressed optimism that the measures will be lifted during the week of this week. The Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Besnik Bislimi, stated a few days ago that they have information that Josep Borrell's report will be positive and the lifting of the measures will be recommended.

"We believe that it will be sent to the Council for approval during the next week. As far as I know, the content of the report is positive, and there it will be recommended to remove the measures", said Bislimi.

The political analyst, Dritëro Arifi, also says that the European Union is late in lifting the measures. For Telegrafin , Arifi said that Kosovo has already fulfilled its obligations and the measures should be removed.

"I hope that Mr. Borrell's report will be positive for the removal of the measures, because Kosovo has actually fulfilled its obligations regarding the reason why they were imposed. So, the measures would have to leave the European Union, because this would increase the credibility of the European Union, for a country that is pragmatic and flexible in relation to the EU and in relation to the agreements to which both are committed the parties to reach the point of removing the measures" , he emphasized.


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