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Kurti: Leaders in the north are removed only through votes, not gangs

Kurti: Leaders in the north are removed only through votes, not gangs

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, called on all citizens in the four municipalities in the north of Kosovo, inhabited by a majority of Serbs, to participate in the elections on April 21, when it will be decided whether the citizens want to remove the four mayors or not. Albanians.

While participating in an event in Klina on April 19, Kurti said that the Albanian mayors of Zveçan, Leposaviq, Zubin Potok and North Mitrovica cannot be given their mandate in any other way, except through a democratic process.

"These presidents can leave their offices, but not with fascist gangs, which violate KFOR, journalists and the Kosovo Police. He enters the office by choice. The office cannot be entered with either bombs, grenades or other weapons, with which security personnel and journalists have been attacked in the northern municipalities", said Kurti.

"April 21st is the chance and I invite all citizens in the north, regardless of ethnicity, age and gender, to come out and vote on April 21 to terminate the mandate of these four presidents, those who think they have not governed well, or do they think there are better people who should be in those offices an hour earlier. However, everything should be done with a democratic legal process, not with the violent gangs that surround the municipal buildings. That's right, you can't enter the offices", he added.

The Kosovar Prime Minister said that the Government of Kosovo guarantees that if the citizens decide to dismiss the current presidents, that decision will be implemented "fully and quickly".

The step to vote for or against the dismissal of the mayors of the municipalities in the north was taken based on an administrative instruction of the Government of Kosovo, which opened the way for the removal of a mayor from the position he holds.

According to the guidelines approved in September of last year, for this vote to be successful, 50 percent, plus one vote of citizens with the right to vote, is needed.

After that, the result is sent to the president of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, who has a legal deadline of 30 to 45 days to announce the holding of early elections.

Currently in charge of the northern municipalities are four Albanians, who won the elections of April last year, boycotted by the Serbian List and a part of the local Serbs.

The taking of the mandate by the Albanian presidents raised tensions in the north, prompting the international community to ask Kosovo to hold new elections.

Lista Serbe - the main party of Serbs in Kosovo that enjoys the support of Belgrade - has called on Serbs to boycott the April 21 elections as well./ REL

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