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PDK calls on the Kosovo government to change its approach

PDK calls on the Kosovo government to change its approach

The Democratic Party of Kosovo has called on the Government of Kosovo to rethink its approach and not to worsen relations with partner countries.

This opposition party has said that it is deeply disappointed about, as it said, the "uncoordinated actions of the Government of Kosovo", which, according to it, have resulted in "direct punishments", mentioning the decision of the United States that Kosovo does not participate in the "Defender Europe 2023" international exercises.

"This exception is a concrete sign of the deterioration of Kosovo's relations with the USA and NATO and is a warning of other consequences, if the Government of the Republic of Kosovo does not start to behave responsibly".

The PDK, among other things, has asked the Government and the Presidency to convene the National Security Council.

"The leadership of the Democratic Party of Kosovo assesses that the created situation requires a responsible approach of the institutions of Kosovo and not populist actions of the moment that can bring long-term consequences for the future of the country".

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