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The Serbs attack the Albanian's house in Medvegja

The Serbs attack the Albanian's house in Medvegja

After the tensions in the north of Kosovo, the leaders of the Presheva Valley expressed the fear that a revenge could come from Serbia against the Albanians living in that area, and it seems that this has happened.

The Muharremi family from Medvegja was threatened by a masked Serb. Verbal attacks and stone throwing for about half an hour were thrown in the direction of the house of the head of the family Ruhan Muharremi from Medvegja on Saturday evening.

Muharrem's son, Besarti, told Telegraph that the security agencies were notified of these threats and attacks. He says that after this report, the parent was invited to make a statement to the police.

"My parents were threatened last night during the late hours of the night by a group of 15 people in Medvegja. They sang nationalist songs and threw stones at their parents' cars and houses", said Besarti.

The chairman of the National Council of Albanians, Nevzat Lutfiu, also spoke about the threat in question.

"Today, I heard twice from the members of the Muharremi family from Medvegja, that stones and other objects were thrown at their house last night".

He has informed the Embassy of Albania and the OSCE about this action of the Serbian extremists.

"The members of this family are very worried. I have notified the Albanian embassy in Belgrade and the OSCE representatives regarding this attack on this family," Lutfiu wrote on Facebook. Even the Albanian deputy in the Assembly of Serbia, Shaip Kamberi, reacted to the attack by condemning the act of vandalism against the Albanian family.


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