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Kurti-Vucic, Borrell meeting: There is no agreement on license plates and documents, discussions will resume before September

Kurti-Vucic, Borrell meeting: There is no agreement on license plates and

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, has confirmed that the meeting between the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti and the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, did not produce an agreement on the decision on license plates and travel documents.

He said that for the disagreements so far, between both sides, there is time to find a solution until September 1.

"We witnessed tensions because of the signs. The European Union does not want to see an escalation of the situation and each side will have responsibility if something like this happens. Unfortunately, we did not reach an agreement today, but the talks will continue, we will not stop" , Borrell declared, among other things.

" We called this meeting because we are dealing with negative developments and increased tensions in the north of Kosovo. We can say that this meeting was about the responsibility of the two leaders in search of a solution to efforts for peace and stability in the northern part of Kosovo.

This has happened at the moment when we are in a critical time. We see the return of war to our continent, we are faced with a dramatic moment and this is not the moment for increasing tensions. It's time to look for solutions and solve long-term problems.

I told both leaders that this was a crisis management meeting and not a regular meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to calm the situation on the ground ," said Borrell. 

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