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Tensions in the north, Kurti: Serbia realized that terrorist gangs have no chance with our police

Tensions in the north, Kurti: Serbia realized that terrorist gangs have no

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has expressed that he expects the international community to pressure Serbia to hand over the terrorists who fled after the September 24 terrorist attack on the Kosovo Police in Banjska, Zvecani. 

Kurti, in an interview with the Bosnian media "Hyat TV", repeated the statement that the Serbian state is behind this attack.

" Now we are counting on the pressure of the international community to hand over these criminals and terrorists to our security and justice authorities... Serbia, through the international community, must hand over to Kosovo these other members who were not killed and arrested to suffer punishment after surrender and after the judicial process, because they are undoubtedly terrorists, they are people who attacked with heavy weapons and in this way tried to destabilize Kosovo. They failed in this, but that does not mean that they should not face justice ", said Kurti.

Kurti also emphasized that Sunday, September 24 proved that terrorist organizations and such criminal gangs have no chance with the Kosovo Police

" This means that Serbia is behind them and above them, official Belgrade has given the order to attack Kosovo, but I think they have now realized that such terrorist organizations and gangs have no chance with our police. There are two organizations in Serbia, they probably have members in the northern part of Kosovo, called the Northern Brigade and the Civil Defense, and we have declared them terrorist organizations in the session of our Government on June 29 of this year... We believe that these two organizations, which are supported by official Belgrade, are directly responsible ", he said.

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