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Alfred Lela / There were no armored doors, violence yes (!!!)

Alfred Lela / There were no armored doors, violence yes (!!!)

Alfred Lela

The special tour that Lulzim Basha made to the journalists today, to prove the violence exercised against his office and other environments of the blue headquarters, is the most wrong and harmful 'opening' that he has done to the DP. The parade of broken windows, shattered doors, shattered windows was his attempt to say he is the victim in this story.

Forgetting a code, according to which the 'master of the house can never play the victim. If he does, he is no longer considered the 'master' of that house. He either loses the house or its 'mastery'.

Basha insists that he will or should not lose either. And that's the problem for Democrats today. They are not sure about the 'lord of the house', although in many ways they are told that this title is enjoyed by everyone who has the support of the 'lord of the world', ie America.

Basha tried to witness the traces of violence and talk about them, but hid the cause of the violence, the fact that he had decided to close the doors, this time not figuratively, but with reinforced concrete and concrete, part of the party that he leads (it is not necessary to say how big the share is, because even for the minority the doors do not have to be closed). Basha left out of the doors of the party led ¼ of the parliamentary group, a former party chairman, at the same time former president and prime minister of the country, as well as a large number of Democrats, whose physiognomy was visible in the December 11 Assembly.

Denying political representation to someone or someone is the most subtle means of sowing violence. Albanians under Enver Hoxha were not politically represented, South Africans under apartheid were not politically represented. Not only depriving them of representation but also leaving them, physically, out, is perhaps a case that can be set as a precedent in the political history of the world.

Political representation is also required by force when it is not given through negotiation. The history of the world is full of such cases, and whoever plays the astonished, both among Albanians and foreigners, suits the hatred of his / her day, but not the truth. This, always, if we agree to call violence what was exercised today by the politically unrepresented, denied members of the Democratic Party of Albania.

Aside from the material damage, the protesters did not cause violence but suffered it. Both the force of blows with strong tools, as well as tear gas, pressurized water, or pepper spray. So determined were those inside the headquarters, who had taken over the only political representation in the DP, not to let the rest be represented politically that, in addition to arming the doors, were also equipped with poisonous gases, smoke, etc.

At the end of the day, this is the core dilemma of democracy, giving or taking away the right to political representation. A democracy that does not secure this right, as is clear from the line of the holders of the current political representation at the PD headquarters, automatically paves the way for the use of violence.

Those who were in the yard of their headquarters today were not looking for either the office or the head of President Basha. They wanted a choice, especially at a party where they also have shared. Considering a party as the franchise of a handful of people, or even 'Americans' is the most anti-American thing in the world.

Whoever says that this is an American principle has America as a prosthesis, not as an ideal.

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