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"Lawyer of drug traffickers, after the Rama-Meloni pact"/ Engjëll Agaçi calls the facts published by RAI 3 slander

"Lawyer of drug traffickers, after the Rama-Meloni pact"/ Engjëll

Engjëll Agaçi was mentioned in the investigation of the RAI 3 show "Report" as a "former lawyer of the main exponents of the Albanian mafia in Italy" and "the key person behind the Rama-Meloni agreement for refugees".

The investigation describes Agac as an important Albanian lawyer with an office in Rome. Journalist Giorgia Mottola says in the investigation that "in the past, his clients were also some of the main bosses of the Albanian mafia, tried in Italy. In 2016, some of his clients ended up at the center of a legal controversy.”

"According to what the Italian magistrates reported, many Albanian mafia bosses, sentenced to sentences of 10 to 20 years in Italy, were very easily extradited to Albania, where upon arrival they served much lower sentences or were even released from prison . Lawyer Agaçi holds one of the central positions of the Rama government, as secretary general of the Council of Ministers. When Giorgia Meloni went on vacation to Albania this summer to discuss the details of the agreement for immigrants, he was also present, alongside Edi Rama and the Italian Prime Minister", says the report of the show "Report".

The report goes on to point out: "Agaçi was a consultant to the head of Interpol, General Lisi, liaison officer between Tirana and Rome, in the fight against drug trafficking. Lisi had to manage a real estate operation involving the ownership of some land for his foundation and turned to lawyer Agaçi who put him in touch with a frontman of Artur Shehu, the head of drug traffickers in contact with Cosa Nostra and Sacra Corona. Unita, Lisi told us that she did not know who Sheu was and that she trusted Agac. Even Rama and our government trusted Agaç, he was the one who, in the role of Rama's legal advisor, followed on behalf of the Albanian government the complaint presented by the opposition to the Albanian Constitutional Court regarding the agreement between Italy and Albania for immigrants. it can block everything. Agaçi saved the millionaire Italian investments that will arrive in Albania. We are talking about one billion euros in 5 years".

In a reaction to "La Reppublica", Engjëll Agaçi has denied the facts listed by the investigation of the Italian media, saying that he will prepare a lawsuit for defamation.

"I left the legal profession ten years ago and the comparison made by the TV program Report is very damaging to my reputation. I have already instructed my Italian lawyers to file a defamation lawsuit against the Italian state television program. Sources and news should be verified as well", says Agac's reaction to the Italian media.

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