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Today it's Dako's turn, who are the mayors of Rama who ended up behind bars

Today it's Dako's turn, who are the mayors of Rama who ended up behind

Vangjush Dako, the former mayor of Durres, was arrested today by order of SPAK together with 9 former officials of the municipality of Durres.

It is learned that SPAK has signed 10 arrest warrants in connection with a file related to a construction permit for a building without a permit granted almost 11-12 years ago and which was damaged by the 2019 earthquake. 

However, Dako is not the first socialist mayor to end up behind bars.

In July 2021, by order of SPAK, the former mayor of Lushnja, Fatos Tushe, was arrested for corruption and abuse of office in connection with a tender of the Lushnja Municipality.

A year later in June 2022, another former high-ranking official of the Socialists was imprisoned. Agim Kajmaku, who previously ran the Municipality of Vora, was arrested in Italy for drug trafficking.

The concealment of a conviction in Greece for counterfeiting money in the decriminalization form had led to the dismissal of Kajmak from the management of the municipality of Vora. After being elected as the head of the municipality on June 30, 2019, he was denounced by the DP for concealing the sentence. This accusation was confirmed by the prosecutor's office in Tirana, which received information from the Greek authorities.

In March of this year, the handcuffs were shaken for another socialist mayor. Lefter Alla, former mayor of Bulqiza, was arrested along with 7 other people for abusing a tender worth about 3 million euros.

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