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Are young people at the top of the lists, a trick of Rama?

Are young people at the top of the lists, a trick of Rama?

Alfred Lela

Edi Rama has surprised, unlike his rival, the always conservative Basha, in the selections for the candidate lists.

If the Democratic leader has returned to 'stability', preferring more political lists, the Socialist leader has dared to experiment. He has shifted all the way down, in the appendix of the lists, the 'senators' of the party, climbing to the top of 'young and small stars', fishing in the anonymous waters of the counties. Some have entered through the application 'The MP we want.' The others are investments of county leaders.

Philosophy belongs to one man: Edi Rama.

First, he smelled the negative perception of previous lists, which highlighted elements of the subconscious, with suspicions of links to groups and circles living beyond the law.

He wanted to reverse this.

Second, he could not help but try to overthrow the idea of ​​an old thing, which is already his SP, eight years in power. Such an accusation was made against Sali Berisha in 2013. In one way or another, he is now the 'old man Mere', of two terms and several scandals.

Third, he could not but exercise what he still holds in circulation; the spectacolarization of politics. His lists, you have noticed this I believe, made more fuss than Basha. Leaving out, became immediately, and continue to be, part of the debate. (Meanwhile, his rival's list has rested its head on the soft sleeping subchapter, outside of the media debate).

But Basha's linearity is far less damaging than Rama's seismicity. Because, the prime minister may be playing a trick with the lists, the candidates, and the public. With two or three moves, he can be assured that not those at the top of the list, but others below will enter Parliament. We know that a whisper from the mayor is enough to abandon the number 2, for example, and vote 31st en masse. To vote for this candidate and not another.

Thus, new and previously uninvolved names can be nothing more than an electoral ploy. He can campaign like the renewed prime minister, with new people and ideas, and come back after April 25 with the same old team. 'Elder Mere' at the head of a fanatical tribe.

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