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Basha boycotts the elections for the second time

Basha boycotts the elections for the second time

Alfred Lela

The efforts of the Basha-Alibeaj group to play the role of a political organization that has forums, respects them, gathers, debates, and decides, have ended as they began: emphasizing the lack of identity and definition.

The candidates of what is known as the "DP of Seal" or the "Alibasha group" are still unknown if they will be included in partial elections or the entire territory; it is not known if they will seek votes for the municipal councils if they will they support the candidates of "PD of Berisha," etc., etc. The lack of this physiognomy, political and in decision-making, is not new for that group. Overall their activity stands out the well-known silhouette of Lulzim Basha, epic for the MP lists submitted to the CEC an hour after the legal deadline, or that he needed emissaries to deliver the complete lists a few days later, given that the night of the deadline had filed only the names of the winning ballots.

Known for this, he did not hesitate to suddenly appear today as an old acquaintance and emphasize another thing for which he is widely known: imaginary battles. Coming out of the den of non-engagement and coming for one day to the Assembly, apparently for the Austrian President, he formulated, within his typology: I will be campaigning in all of Albania.

Even though there are no candidates, no party, and even fewer supporters, Basha, like Forest Gump, set off for an unpaid marathon across the country. Coincidentally, even his deputy in the PD, Alibeaj, resembles the Gump's partner in the film, with whom they enter the shrimp business.

These may be the characters and their colors, but the drama is political.

To insist, to fight the courts, to take as deserved the help of the government and justice to own the second largest party in the country, the first post-communist party in Albania, is human wickedness, political stupidity, or both.

Undermining your country's opposition in the name of being the opposition, and in the end, not even exercising the most basic duty of the opposition, being an alternative in the elections, constitutes very rare brevity in the references of politics.

To desert from the political battle when it is already proven what has produced previous desertion, that is, not to enter the elections, even when this trial has been passed with failure, proves chronic parasitism.

Lulzim Basha will be remembered as a character and forgotten as a personality. Only a character boycotts the elections for the second time and aspires to be recognized as a personality.

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