Basha's third, and why in politics you can only be young once

Basha's third, and why in politics you can only be young once

Alfred Lela

Lulzim Basha is trying to instrumentalize a variant of I am not a politician of Edi Rama. He is playing with terms such as the end of the transition, the sludge of the transition, the Bermuda Triangle, etc., to profile himself as the politician of the cloud. While the methodology applies (as long as it has been tried by politicians and political groups for decades and has worked), the rhetoric does not lek. This is because the narrative of political communication rises above the character it seeks to elaborate, or present, to the public.

The discrepancy between what is being said and what it is about is fatal to the communication campaign (in this case Basha).

Another feature of communicating on a given parable (in this case the young Basha ) is that he does work only once. A communication blade or angle is not versatile for the same politician. The same methodology or style can be used for different politicians, but the same political character cannot be sold twice under the same communicative attire.

Having said that, it should be added that Basha has been sold twice under the skin of the young man in politics. The first time he appeared as a feed of Berisha's KOP and was crowned with a seat in parliament and government. How rarely did he rejoice once again in this new machination, when he ran for mayor of Tirana. It is true that the Americans, but also the Albanians of the communication headquarters, advised him to distance himself from Berisha. As it is correct that this gave points to the local race. It is also true that in the final it took the intervention of Berisha and his heavy machinery to climb the podium. A victory he is remembered as the only one in his political career against Rama, at a time when there have been several races.

The fact that Basha escaped the schematics of the young politician, using him as a rarity or no one, twice, is related to the fact that people believed in their need to see him solo and out of Berisha's shadow, but also gave in to the boredom he had caused Edi Rama in three long terms in charge of Tirana. How did the desert know that monotony, like a Dutch bicycle parking lot, was coming in the form of a smile that just disguised the bitterness of boredom?

The revenge of this omission that the popular consciousness made of Basha appeared in the Tent, which was outlined under the rhetoric of the new Republic. It must be said that that rhetoric and that political action is the most spectacular failure of a politician and political party in Albania in the three decades of transition. Its wicked spark produced that ball of fire that has blazed across the political boundaries of the Democratic Party.

Having this political repertoire behind him, Lulzim Basha needs to understand that rhetoric is a genre that does not work. It even ruins their work. Perceived for years as a politician of injection and deceit (sleepy / he lies even about the clock), the PD leader should have the time for a re-invention.

His communicators must make him silent with words and speak with action. But the actions must be genuine, not false, as all his actions in parliament so far have shown. Come on, fill the minds of the people, for example, that the Prime Minister of the country has a bag in his pocket, which he uses when he needs to, to collect the impurities of Dritan Leli in the forest of Soda, and Lul Basha in the Assembly.

To say a lot, no and no, but especially to say that it is the end of the transition and the new that separates us from the mud of politics, no, by God, it does not work!

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