50 million fine against the change of Elton Debreshi

50 million fine against the change of Elton Debreshi

Alfred Lela

Elton Debreshi is my candidate. I do not support him from an ideological position, that is, as a leftist who believes that the working class brings change, that the rich should be overthrown, that they drink our blood, and other worker-Leninist idiots.

Elton differs in every way from the multitude of other candidates in this election. He does not have a well-known party or logo, he is not supported by the money of economic lobbies, foreign ambassadors, or the media.  

He has launched a fundraising campaign, which will probably not provide much, and he hopes for the support of his fellow miners.

Being so early he stands out. At least in the eyes of those who close in front of the crowds and open up in front of the individual.

Apparently, he has also caught the eye of the Bulqiza Police, which has fined the campaign of the Dibra miner with 50 million ALL. The official reason is the non-implementation of social distance in one of his meetings.

While it seems that the law is on the side of the finers, the right is on the side of the fined. A political and legal system that has done almost nothing for Debreshi and his accomplices, is ready to exercise even the last police repression he possesses.

The fine against Debresh may seem like a protection of the public interest, but it goes absolutely against him. It is in the public interest that particular, uninfluenced, original and genuine voices be encouraged rather than banned.

Debreshi is right when he demands accountability and says why the same standard of fines is not followed against the Democratic Party, which holds larger and more frequent rallies than its own. He does not exaggerate even when he says that the government has been frightened by the direction that his presence in the Dibra race can give to the vote.

No matter what goes for him, among all these false profiles of the election campaign, Debreshi remains real and serious.

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