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Who loses the election?

Who loses the election?

Alfred Lela

I have the impression 'who loses the election?' is a fairer question, than 'who wins them?'. Not only for the fact that, historically, in Albania, there have been parties that have lost, that is, that they have made the Albanians feel fed up, more than programs, alliances, and forces that have inspired.
This time especially, the expectations are higher for the loser than the winner. It seems that everyone has lined up on the Grand Boulevard to wait for the corpse of the defeated to pass in the election, not to cry, but to spit on him. The last procession, with a politician in the coffin, who cried when he had to spit, was Enver Hoxha.
Since then, those who lose the election are spat upon as losers in the arenas of Roman amphitheaters.
This happened to Rama in 2009, but also to Basha in 2017. But it did not end there. On either side, long lines of spectators wait to see, both of them, parading with their heads down ready to spit again.
Of course, it is not just the tendency for crowd spectacle that has given birth to this barbaric state in the popular imagination. They are also the leaders themselves. They have done their best for the most used instrument in the arena of public communication to have exactly the lynching spit.
Its sparks are found everywhere in the communication space in Albania, from rallies to party rostrums, mutual lawsuits in court, television studios, etc. This has made the election more of a spectacle of losing than winning. This has made the post-election day more anxious for the loser than the winner. This has caused April 25 to take the turn to wait for April 26, and then raise the political tripod for one of those two who loses: Basha or Rama.
This is exactly what has made neither party, in almost all electoral races, accept the loss, but say that it is 'the winner whose revenge has been stolen'. On this path, we meet again asking: 'who loses the election?'.
Because the winners were not brought as such in Albania. As even the losers did not recognize their defeat.

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