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Luli in the hands of women

Luli in the hands of women

Alfred Lela

Did the occasion or the trend bring it, who the hell knows, but Lulzim Basha's 'Garda', in the final of the strongest clash of political life is a group of women? Blondes, with a busy stature, but not necessarily mind (busy, I mean), appear cry-and-sigh, in an attempt to seduce the Albanian public, already so shocked by Saturday's fate.

Paradoxically, or not at all, it is the women who have joined the PD and 'Luli's hatred' from the quota window, that is, from the call for gender equality in politics. When the time comes that the political scorpion surpasses even men, they whisper on the shores of portals and newspapers "that they are women".

If we have agreed that women and men are equal, then why in the face of tear gas, knockers on armored doors, stricter vocabulary, and 'physical education hours', they become 'unequal'. I understand that the liberal agenda tells us this: live a hyper-reality and say that it is true, but the stratification of the false does not help, but hinders, both the gender ratio and the development of society.

The women of these cases, know it or not, admit it or not, turn into triple victims. Once the quotas, the next time the indemnity they have to pay for them and, thirdly, themselves. Although they have entered politics under the slogan 'strong and wise women', like any strong and wise man, even a little more, if they had not been hindered by men and the patriarchal social construct, they, within a day, throw it all down and show up as the opposite of this.

They tell us that they are blonde, fragile, pregnant, and so on, without measure, without limit.

They start playing the very game they were introduced to break: men. In this case, of a man, we know procedurally through the name Luzim Basha. Wanting to protect him, they ruin his job; as he, wanting to victimize and heroize them, ridicules them.

For another reason, besides the fact that you can not claim equality as a man and complain about it as a woman. What do these women want behind closed doors with reinforced iron, behind pepper spray tubes, or behind fire extinguishers? Since they come from openness, tolerance, and other faculties of motherhood, why not oppose closure, isolation, concreting, and armor?

Operating with two registers, once of the lady who locks herself in the tower, and once of the mother who has to leave a breast outside for the little one, devalues ​​them.

And, you know, a gram of line separates vileness from virtue.

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