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What is the salary of the slogan "We make a state!"?

What is the salary of the slogan "We make a state!"?

Alfred Lela

"We make a state!", Was one of the electoral slogans of Edi Rama and his Socialist party, as well as the boastful subtext of any political discourse, especially when it was functionalized to show the contrast with the opponent.

The Prime Minister has self-assessed for things of ethical and aesthetic nature, starting from the renovation and cleaning of the government headquarters, the alleged reform in the energy sector, the rehabilitation and aestheticization of urban centers, the Amsterdam-ing with 'red lights' of the Tirana-Rinas road, and so on.

By putting himself, not infrequently, in the role of "sun king", in the sense of illumination of a state superstructure, otherwise backward and out of fashion, Rama has managed, successfully, to inculcate in public the idea that, with him, a new era has begun in state-building and the ethical and aesthetic philosophy of the state.

The events, by nature, belie their narrators, and it seems that a two-stage scandal, both of incompetence and of using the state for party purposes, serves as a turning point in how we should perceive Mr. Rama about the virtuous state.

Once before the April elections, and the second time about 7 months later, a scandalous exposure or leak of personal data bombed the wall of the SP's long campaign, where the slogan 'we make a state!'

The state is not only prison hardware, police, laws, taxes but also software. A more subtle, sensitive, and valuable network of information and security, directly related to the citizen, his place, and his exposure to the system. In concise terminology, all that information technology and database that the state owns is closely related to what is called the privacy, storage, and secrecy of this sensitive information.

For a clearer comparison, the technology and database that a country owns are like the sewage and white water system of a city, say Tirana or Athens. An intervention, accidental or diabolical, in the system, a mixture of sewage with white, a sewage explosion, or a blockage of this system, would lead to ethical and aesthetic ruin. The triumph or sign of the birth of civilization has been the ability to hide, manage or keep under control, what is called 'sewage'.

The state of Edi Rama has burst these waters. If in April he chose to divert the flow to the surface in the form of 'patronages', selling them as a practice of the political/electoral process all over the world, this time, in the second release of the same Saracenska, he has passed from pride in forgiveness for what has happened.

Identity cards, salaries, phone numbers, and other data, essential information for everyone, are now in everyone's hands. That means the state has failed to safeguard the vault, information software and privacy fell prey to a virus. Whether it is an accident or a diabolical move, as the Prime Minister tries to pack it, it matters little. In both cases, the alleged state is a scarecrow at the end of the field.

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