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Where the rulers steal, the state belongs to the thieves!

Where the rulers steal, the state belongs to the thieves!

By Kim Mehmeti

The case of Lali Eri and his attempt to make prosecutors declare colleagues and journalists enemies, reveals the truth that the guilty rulers are decent, and even charitable, but only as long as they act unhindered. And that they return to their origins and thuggery as soon as they discover that they are not what they appear to be.

Then, the case of the Mayor of Tirana revealed the truth that the theft of politicians would be impossible if they did not have the media coverage and the support of the elites who feed off their theft.

And Lali Eri and his crimes show why the Albanians felt like a nation without a homeland, and the ubiquitous thieves of Albanianism boasted of their motherland, Albania.

Today's behavior of Lali Eri also reflects the desperation of the rulers who mistakenly believe that the false decor of the media 'spectacle' that they hide from the eyes of the people will never fall, a 'spectacle' that aims to cover up the treachery and banditry of theirs, a 'spectacle' that is destructive for the people and killers for youthful dreams, that hides the truth that the most important members of the 'Party of Thieves' are those who cover up the crime.

So Lali Eri now feels betrayed by everyone, starting from the Chief of thieves of 'Rilindja' - Piktori, to the media and journalists who fed him to portray him as a planter of trees even though he was just a miserable planter of lies.

And it is impossible not to be depressed by all those who accompanied him until today when it was revealed that he could not be a successful liar without the support of those who paraded through the television screens where they were sold as the cream of independent thought and criticism. but being 'prostitutes' paid dearly by their bosses – by Lali Eri and Piktori!

And finally, the fraternity of thieves based in the Municipality of Tirana witnessed something very painful that concerns all of us: that we are a people without elites, or we have elites without conscience! With which we realized even later that as long as there are sheep, there will be someone to shear them and that, where the rulers steal, the state belongs to the thieves!

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