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The poisoning of Albanian society by the prolonged stay in power of a handful of people

The poisoning of Albanian society by the prolonged stay in power of a handful of

By Luciano Boçi

Every human body needs detox after periods of stress, spiritual poisoning, stress or fatigue. This also applies to societies.

The prolonged stay in power of a handful of people, who unite principles, visions, goals and behavior far removed from the primary interest of the citizens, has produced a double poisoning of the Albanian society.

On one side is the spiritual damage and the feeling of disgust, self-humiliation, and devaluation that people feel when it comes to themselves and their lives in Albania. This power - at the center and base - has made them feel worthless, unconsidered, incapable of instigating any positive change. This feeling – as much as poverty, drives people to run away without looking back.

The second poisoning of people and society as a whole has to do with personal luck: whatever achievements you make in Albania, nothing is stable, secure or valuable. This feeling of insecurity, which only increases when people begin to consolidate social or economic positions, makes everyone drop all illusions as they feel stripped of all protection. The state does not count them as people.

Albanian society has long since reached the full stage of poisoning by the left-wing government. As if the "boot on the throat" of the Rama government was not enough, the local government at the country level has developed the same, humiliating and insulting philosophy.

The time has come for people to decide against the daily poison they are forced to accept in the name of survival. Albania needs a detox period from psychological violence, a long moment of freedom from fear and uncertainty, until the public regains the human habits of self-respect and civic courage, on which responsible behavior and self-critical attitude are built.

The prolonged abnormality of several governing mandates, the cruel social experiments implemented on Albanian society and the personal model of Edi Rama risk totally escalating the ethical optics of an entire society. It is time for this threat to be faced with dignity by the citizens, neutralized with a vote and denied once and for all.

The opposition must recognize and understand the public's need for a period of detoxification from violence, moral disfigurement and economic inequality. Humanizing politics and re-enabling public services to help this process are the best way to rebuild society.

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