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Strong reasons why the salary of MPs must be increased

Strong reasons why the salary of MPs must be increased

By Lutfi Dervishi

There is an irrational objection to the decision that MPs should increase their salaries. Whether we like it or not, they should grow with time as a necessity for today and especially for tomorrow.

The delay in their increase has come because no one really knew how much money they were spending in the bank until one of the new legislators accidentally discovered the ridiculous amount in the ATM.

He immediately reported to his colleagues the ridiculous assessment given to the MPs of a country aspiring to become part of the European family.

With the salary increase, MPs will be able to consume even more, thus contributing directly to the country's economy. Consumption is the basis of the economy.

The main reason why they decided to raise their salaries before pensioners is quite ethical.

As a slap to every moralist, it is worth saying that the people's servants cannot use their own people as guinea pigs, so they have taken the risk of trying to increase wages at the expense of the first.

Growth goes hand in hand with the rationale that under capitalism the majority will become rich, but not all at once. As a people who come from the ranks, we should know well the ranks where first there are the servants of the people and then the people themselves.

The argument that MPs cannot raise their own salaries is childish. If they are not good for themselves how can they be good for the rest of us?

Raising the salaries of MPs is another fact that the government does not start work from electoral promises...

The argument that the number of MPs should be reduced from 140 to 100, 70 or 50 in order that the MP salary increase does not burden the state budget does not hold. Our people, suffering and overwhelmed by the crisis of rising prices, need as many worthy servants as possible.

With higher salaries, MPs will have the opportunity to attend training courses to learn the English language, public speaking, and especially training for conflict of interest during the exercise of their duties.

Me rritjen e rrogës së deputetëve stabilizohet edhe monedha kombëtare. Tani zgjedhjet nuk do të përbejne me kercenim për euron. Deputetët do të jenë vigjilent që euro, dollari, franga zviceriane dhe paundi britanik nuk do të trondisin lekun.

Me rritjen e rroges se deputetëve, posti i doganierit nuk do të jetë më aq i lakmueshem sa më parë.

Rritja e rroges se Ministrave dhe deputetëve është përgjigja e merituar që i japim agresionit rus ndaj Ukrainës.

Rritja e rrogës pritet të rrisë katërcipërisht paradën e modës që të enjten zhvendoset para parlamentit ku deputetët do të shtojnë ngjyrat, xhevahiret, copat, modelet dhe krehjet që nxjerrin në pah profilin e tyre të kuruar duke larguar njëherë e mirë kostumet e vjetra që i kanë pasur qysh nga dita e dasmës.

The increase in the salary of MPs will once and for all put an end to the drama that often accompanies them with anonymous phone calls as sellers of mattresses and kitchen utensils will no longer need to contact them often to repeat tempting offers as they will have the capital right to buy them from the start.

There is no room for despair, but for reflection, because those who fill the box full of votes deserve to fill their pockets full of money. A little, God a lot!


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