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"Mummy will eat our meat", the irony of Gjekmarkaj: The government party with Babo as the protagonist - the government will do it bam in Milan

"Mummy will eat our meat", the irony of Gjekmarkaj: The government

By Agron Gjekmarkaj

The news that the government party with the protagonist Babo-the government on Sunday I'll do bam in Milan woke up a number of bees but more than that it developed the tap of jealousy!

Indeed, Noisi sang in Athens, but within the majority there are plenty of young girls and boys who can take it on their own in the Lombardy capital. They unanimously said that it's not time to look modern and I told you that immigrants are nostalgic, they need popular oppression! This opinion was expressed by Ulsiu himself, but he was ignored by anyone! It was considered as a proposal that a jazz performance by Mamica and Mimi di Puccini, which big and small tears in Çuçi's 60th anniversary, was expected.

Although it is not known if Mamica will kill us with another speech or with the song "triste domenica", people are flocking to hear it?!

Tezja and Antoneta Dhima strongly support Ulsia's version. Right then and there they coughed two or three times and lit a potpourri accompanied by dancing where it clearly looked like the wick of the youth candle had not been extinguished. Dilon himself, who has seen a lot in his life, absorbs the delicacy and delicacy!

A south-north balance is needed, said Arben Pellumbi, I heard that Rakip Suli is coming to Terez as a couple, it's not bad to invite him!

Ismet Beqiri shook his head enigmatically. It seemed closer to denial than affirmation. I'm not into trinkets and lyrical trinkets. There they should sing songs about the new life we ​​enjoy today, the five-year plans, blessings and blessings, under the direction of Baba, about the successes, how he pulled out the revolver in the UN against the Russians, how he increased the plan for immigrants by 180%, and things like these not stupid! The generous man of Lushnja stood up and clapped his hands.

When the blood was boiling, Etilda came closer to me and expressed a thought, which she started in the form of a dilemma, "what if there are recitations from time to time, poems that I can interpret myself and the prose of General Kollçaku?!

Hey, what do you say, and a sweet smile fell on that corner! "No, my maid," said Nasip gracefully, "what are these, we have a competition of new talents, but an electoral platform!" I belong to this general and he pointed his finger like a rifle barrel, he is putting things to hell when generals are treated as actors. Yes, this Klosi has a voice like Boçeli and he resembles him, said Laerti, let him sing "o sole mio" which means "o Babo mio" it is a fact that even in the activity where the Pope participates there are singers!

If that's the case, Braçe has the sweetest voice, Ermua said. Damua plays the guitar and sings Elton John's songs, Clevis Xhoxhi noticed. No, we don't need national things, Çyrbja underlined, better Nikoqiri with the repertoire of "Lire" of Korçë and Eni Xake with mandolin. Xhemal, as from Tyrone, felt a little neglected. Come, said Bela with a giggle, and sing, "Where are my tulips like tyrona?" Hey, Tyrone and Lal, there's something wrong, Xhafa frowned! While the parliamentary group was sliding in the chaos of the discussions, the time was coming to go to Rinas where everyone had to be burdened with relatives, cousins, friends, and the town hall, because it's not a joke!

I drink a lot of beer, my plane is leaving, my plane is leaving, Braçe said and everyone ran. In the balloon, they forgot about the work of the party and began to worry the organism. Subashi of Fieri was the most grumpy. Grim with the face of a polar bear did not pipet. What did you say?! After exhausting them with a long silence, I feel like an orphan without Tao in the evening. Second, I have been charged with a delicate task. Lessons can be learned from the feast of Athens. We didn't put toilets around and people drank a lot of beer and complained to the Greek about the ammonia doses we left there and the piles of snacks. Now I have been asked to surround the hall with portables. This is great faith, encouraged Lavdrim Krashi.

It doesn't end there, he said thoughtfully. After the meeting, I should also make a report on the aromas, whether they were a product of joy or boredom, as in the case of the "last emperor" where his health was measured by the scent of the "appetizer"! This is new, said Shalsi, so much confidence and great confidence with obvious jealousy that he had that luck.

How about eating? You don't get that in Italy and Blerina has a lot of wine, cheese and ham!! Chuchi had not spoken until now, but suddenly he raised his voice. Jo said that some trucks will come under the leadership of Gonxha with boiled eggs, smelly cheese, some Lukove olives, I feel like a drop of brandy for Babo to sit knee to knee after the speech and put the emphasis on the nation.

What about Baba's speech, is there any news, asked Evis Who just came out of the past?!

He is a surprise, replied Etjeni, but he made the informed, but unlike Athens, he would praise Meloni, Italy, but also the work and sweat of the immigrants, the criticism will be pointed and tolerant! There will be quotes from literature, from "vidi vidi pelumbeshe e Ali Asllani" asked Vullnet Sina that I am also very passionate? Ehe ehe will have that Babo comes from literature and literature is born from Babua and Pranvera Resuli.

Majkua sat silently with a pair of 18th century allafrenga clothes. Everyone became curious. Yes, he said, since he no longer thought of putting me on stage in Greece, since I look like Kollokotron, to say that Kole Kotrova was Pandi's cousin, see how similar they are, he used me as Count Kavur to show the Italians that we have something historical connection and I as his sternip!

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