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An Office without governance within

An Office without governance within

By Luciano Boci

Rama forces all European officials who come to Albania to make a kind of pilgrimage to his office.

To impress or amaze them with that absurd habitat, which is really an inevitable mental projection.

Some laugh with obvious irony and articulate the words "bërjeqefi", some understand the delirium of a man who madly loves the office and the chair in it, some are surprised by the crazy luxury of a poor country, the last for per capita income in Europe and with deep corrupt and criminal records.

To some it's like a personal exhibit, to others it's like a basketball court, to some it's a collection of paints, curtains, rugs and all sorts of rugs where only turtles are missing.

Only the governing office does not seem to him.

In fact everything can be found in Rama's office.

From the basket to the most expensive whiskey, from pencils to rare cigars, from papers on the wall to whimsical sets, from horizontal footrests to neck massagers.

But don’t ask for what you need.

Do not seek governance!

Only there is no governance!

There are stinking packages, there are sale-purchase deals, there are secret deals and what not!

"Beautiful" office really !!!!!

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