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OP-ED/ Beyond the poisoned "ruble".

OP-ED/ Beyond the poisoned "ruble".

by Zef Zefi

As for the poisoned "ruble", the immunity of the Democratic Party is "on top." No one has any reason to worry about any responsibility, mistake, or guilt of former President Basha in relation to the ruble and Putin poisons that can or have been served to him on any plate. The geopolitical health of the DP is known by every Albanian who knows a little about the country's history in relation to the Slavs and Slavophiles, starting from the old tsars, and the Krayls up to today.

Anti-Russoslavism antibodies make the immunity of this political force more secure than the health...of the American left itself. There is no political force in the former communist East with pro-American and pro-Atlantic and Western, in all its members and elected officials. The Democratic Party, in the figurative and meaningful sense of the word, is the only Serb suppressed and deformed, by aggressive attacks from all outer sides, precisely by the Philo-Serbs, the Philo-Bolsheviks and the Philo-Orientals in general. Aggressiveness continues today from the reborn crypto-Bolsheviks that leave nothing to be desired by Putin towards Navalny. This is because, in its content, there are hundreds of thousands of sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons of the aspirants of democracy who, out of patriotic-historical gratitude to America, spend their lives in prisons,

The very mention of these doubts...by Dep. A. of the State against the Democratic Party in line with the leftists... or further, it's just an absurdity, a "lapse slide..." as long as for 31 years of trans-democracy, in more than 20 years, the representatives of the American Government in Albania become a full-time spokesperson for the most Bolshevik, racist and terrorist party in the East that is still progressing 80 years later. Since the Americans in power have so far approved the Yugoslav-Bolshevik propaganda of Tirana of "personal" responsibility, and not institutional commitment before the scandals, the monstrous crimes of the renaissance team, let them also accept the individual responsibility, even of Basha, if on the plate of some ruble and poisons have been served. The Democratic Party, and the Albanians in the absolute majority,

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