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Opinion/ Our "socialists" rush to congratulate Kizinger

Opinion/ Our "socialists" rush to congratulate Kizinger

from Naum Mara

Henri Kizinger turned 100 years old. Something rare for a politician and a man who is used to enjoying the "pleasures" of this life. Although I am not a sympathizer of him and his doctrines, I am still happy that people who have gone through "mental stress" manage to have a long life.

I learned about his jubilee from our socialists, Rama and Ditmir Bushati, who rushed to express their enthusiasm for an ultraconservative politician and diplomat. I tried to find articles in popular American newspapers, but none were there. We are always more Catholic than the Pope, more American than the Americans, and more royalist than the British. Perhaps we carry the provincial complex, the need to showcase that we know and have met important people.

Although appreciated for his experience as a politician and diplomat, Kizinger is one of the darkest figures in American political life and has negatively influenced the political-social events in the world. As part of Nixon's cabinet for his two terms, he contributed to structuring reactionary and aggressive policies towards Chile, Cambodia, Laos, Greece, Bangladesh, etc. Nixon, his boss, is known as the most discredited American president, so much so that he was abandoned even by Republican senators and forced to resign.

The running of the Albanian "socialists" is once again an indicator that their philosophy has nothing to do with social democracy but the harsh market economy and the authoritarian policies preached by Kizinger. At the time of the coup d'état in Chile, he saw as a danger the spread of the "Eurocommunism" of Berlinguer and Marchesa, just like the despots of Moscow or the dictators of China and Albania. The closest friends of the outstanding diplomat have never been politicians known for fundamental democratic concepts but dictators like Marcos, Pinochet, etc.

In left-wing circles worldwide, Kizinger is even called a 'war criminal'; even a resolution tabled in the Swiss Parliament to declare him "non grata" was not approved by just a few votes. This is how it is seen in the circles of the European Socialists (where our "socialists" also belong), the 100-year-old diplomat.

However, Kizinger is much softer than the criminal Enver Hoxha, for whom Ed Rama and Ditmir Sul Bushati still have sympathy.


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